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5 Rhythms@ is a free-movement practice, a form of meditation that connects body and mind, making improvised dance a powerful tool for relaxation, inspiration and transformation.

Nurtured by different artistic, bodily and spiritual approaches, her creator - Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012) – composed a map which guides us in the experience of the dance : 5 Rhythms® (flowing®, staccato®, chaos®, lyrical®, stillness®) following one another and creating a continuous "wave", supported by music. Each rhythm touches different qualities of movement, energies and emotions.

The flowing expresses the mystery of the feminine. The staccato explores the mystery of the masculine. Chaos leads us to integrate our principles into our own energy. The lyrical is the rhythm of trance and self-realization. In stillness, mother of all rhythms, we seek the inner emptiness and our soul’s refuge.

In fluidity, we are connected to our earth, in the staccato, to the fire. Then, the flowing and staccato rub to create the rhythm of chaos, the encounter between the feminine and the masculine. The lyrical, resulting from chaos, is the most complex and the most elusive of the 5 rhythms : It contains joy and makes us touch the lightness. Stillness teaches us calm, wisdom and compassion.


The practice of the 5 Rhythms® awakens our body, amuses us, brings us together in the present moment, brings us closer to our authentic being and offers us a new perspective on our realities and relationships. 

To discover all the levels of 5Rhythms® practice, we invite you to explore the international official website:


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