We  dance twice per month on Friday: on the second Friday of the Month - close to the new moon - we dance PLENITUDES a wave only for women & on the last Friday of every Month, we dance TRIBE with different teachers. Welcome!


PLENITUDES is a time only for women guided by Sara Cereghetti. We meet through the wave and the 5Rhythms as we - as women - we are. We meet on the Friday closest to the new moon gathering our intentions and hearts.

You are welcome, at any age, any shape and any orientation. 


The following Fridays, from 20h00 till 21h30 :

11 September

16 October

13 November

11 December

15 January

12 February

12 March

16 April

7 May

11 June

25 June (full moon celebration)



Dance Area

19, Rue de la Coulouvrenière

1204 Genève


How much ?

each class: 25 CHF normal // 20 CHF concession


Contacts & informations

waveyoursoul@gmail.com // +41 79 314 50 44



Sara Cereghetti is anthropologist and & théra-coach. She teaches the 5Rhythms since 2018 in different cities in France and Switzerland. Her life experience, her listening and generosity hold the creation of sensitive, intimate and deep spaces of sharing. 

Different teachers or teachers in training, different styles and colors. TRIBE is a regular wave happening on the last Friday of every month, to keep on dancing, to rock, to feel us as ONE. Welcome.


On Friday from 20h00 till 22h00

25 September // SARA CEREGHETTI

30 October // GRISCIA HOCH*

27 November // MARC SILVESTRE

18 December // JOYLEEN RAO*

29 January // GRISCIA HOCH*

26 February // SARA CEREGHETTI

26 March // GRISCIA HOCH*


28 May // JOYLEEN RAO*



*teachers in training 


Where ?

Dance Area

19, Rue de la Coulouvrenière

1204 Genève


How much ?

each wave : CHF 25.- normal // CHF 20.- concession // CHF 30.- support

*every wave is open to all, no need to pre-register.

Contact & informations


+41 79 314 50 44