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I would love to get the  DANCE IT OUT newsletter and info for the next classes 

Dance It Out waves occur 2 or 3 times a month, dance, movement, letting go and sweat!  


Grütli 2nd or 3rd floor 
rue du Général du Four 16 1204 Geneve 


happy : 35 CHF 
normal: 30 CHF
special (student, AVS , AI, AC) : 25 CHF 
Paiement: TWINT, Cash on the spot or

IBAN CH590483 5158 8627 7000 0

questions, inscriptions and contact: 
tel.: 079 435 8771


I always was passionate for travelling, connecting with people, moving and dancing. On my journey around the world I came across many cultures and dances within. With the 5Rhythms practice I found that answers to the question of my life are found within my movement, through the journey of dance into the body.
Dancing and moving made me realize that your body is home of what you need to know... and that part never lies to you.
Professionally I have learned that every diamond is unique with their flows and imprints. With this practice I want to invite you into the space where we come in touch with our inner brilliance, our hidden potential and nurture your aliveness.
Join me on the floor... your feet will lead you on your journey...

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