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Thursday's Waves are happening every Thursday but during school and bank holidays.

Here is the calendar for April to June 2022.

28 April // Joyleen Rao

5 May // Griscia Hoch

12 May // Joyleen Rao

19 May // Viola Pfister (Danse conscience)

2 June // Joyleen Rao

9 June // Griscia Hoch

16 June // Joyleen Rao

23 June // Laura Hauriya (Laboratoire Conscience Corporelle)

30 June // Joyleen Rao (Live Music avec Arman Rashidi)


8:15pm to 10:15pm

(Please come at 8pm to register yourself at the entrance)


Rue Bautte10 (enter through the parking on the parallel road)

1201 Genève

The building is seperated to the school. It's a long and old building that lies under the train railways. Best is to enter through the parking of the school which is opposite to the bus stop Cornavin at the angle of Rue de La Servette and Boulevard James-Fazy.


25.- reduced price

30.- full price

40.- support price

Cards of 10 classes also available for 250.- / 200.-

Contact & Informations

Joyleen Rao


+41 78 921 94 52

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