The Thursday's Waves are happening every Thursday but during school holidays.

Here is the calendar for the period of February to June 2020. 

6 FEBRUARY      //    Guillaume Laplane (France)

20 FEBRUARY    //     Joyleen Rao (Teacher in Training)

27 FEBRUARY   //     Ron Hagendoorn (Netherlands)


5 MARCH         //      Joyleen Rao  (Teacher in training)

12 MARCH       //      Daniel Struyf (Teacher in training)

19 MARCH      //       Guillaume Laplane LIVE MUSIC 

26 MARCH     //        Griscia Hoch (Teacher in Training)


2 APRIL         //        Ron Hagendoorn (Netherlands)

23 APRIL      //         Griscia Hoch (Teacher in Training)

30 APRIL     //          Joyleen Rao LIVE MUSIC 


7 MAY          //        Guillaume Laplane (France)

14 MAY       //         Sara Cereghetti

21 MAY       //         No Wave (Ascension)

28 MAY      //          Griscia Hoch

4 JUNE       //          Sara Cereghetti

11 JUNE     //          Alessia Lencioni (Italy)

18 JUNE    //           Joyleen Rao LIVE MUSIC 

                                with OMER GONEN-HAELA & BAND

25 JUNE   //             Joyleen Rao



7:45pm to 09:45pm


Rue Bautte10 (enter through the parking on the parallel road)

1201 Genève

The building is seperated to the school. It's a long and old building that lies under the train railways. Best is to enter through the parking of the school which is opposite to the bus stop Cornavin at the angle of Rue de La Servette and Boulevard James-Fazy.


CHF 25.- normal

CHF 20.- discount (students, AVS, unemployed)

Contact & Informations

Joyleen Rao

+41 78 921 94 52

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LIVE MUSIC sessions will be offered by professionnal musicians.

Ecstatic Danse for Body & Soul - Gabrielle Roth + The Mirrors
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